Siku Studio, is a place for you to rejuvenate your body and your mind. Where you will be assisted and trained by certified instructor from various activities you can choose, such as Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, etc.

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Hi i'm lala, a mother of two and passionate about kids. I have been praciticing yoga for 9 years and my daughter used to tag along. That gave me the inspiration to become a kids yoga teacher. Tantrum, moody, cranky, restless is all the delightful character of being a child, right moms? 😁 and yes yoga can help kids channel those emotion into becoming more relax and calm. And NO it wont be boring because the class will be fun packed with props n kids friendly music. So hope to see your kids in my class!


Hola, saya Jelantik Herlanti.. international certified peak pilates instructor. Pilates adalah passion saya. Kenapa pilates? Karena pilates adalah olahraga yang memperbaiki postur tubuh saya secara menyeluruh dan memperkuat core saya. Sebagai seorang ibu dari 2 org anak, kita perempuan juga selalu ingin tampil maksimal utk pasangan kita kan?

So if you wanna be healthy and sexy, join my sesh ladies. I'll See you at the mat.


I am a fitness enthusiast, a happy human being and most importantly i am a Mother. My daily routine requires me to have more energies. Therefore, i believe exercising regularly and adapting healthy life style are crucial , because it not only change me physically but it also mentally change me to become a better person.


My name is Purry. Currently, I teach Zumba, and all its specialties, Piloxing SSP, Piloxing Knockout, and Pilates mat. I'm a fan of cardiovascular workout, because it's fun, it makes me smile and stabilises my breathing. I always feel honoured to have the chance to teach cardio classes since 2011. I love meeting new people and trying new things. I like original things, you will find them in my class.

When I'm not teaching, I'll be playing with my 3 girls, like we're in our own world. I believe we are what we think. If you believe you're strong, then you are. I'm a strong mother, like you are or you will be or mothers around you.


Hi i'm Echie and a zumba lover. As a mother of 3 i have always struggled with my weight and never been able to stick to any exercise. I love dancing so when i found out about zumba i was instantly hooked. The energy and the atmosphere in a Zumba class was different than any other cardio class i've been in. I have finally found my favorite exercise and i been sticking to it for 4 years. The thing i realize about exercising is that do whatever that makes you happy and healthy at the same times. As a bonus you'll drop a size or two. As an instructor i would love to share this energy with everybody. So.. let's just dance, shake and shimmy in my class.

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