About Siku Dharmawangsa

Siku is the brainchild of two friends. Being full-time mothers of one and five, They shared the need of channeling their inner business. They came up with an idea of a business that relates with their situation as mothers. It is a place that fits the whole family, with the mothers and children at the center of attention.

Siku was therefore established. The word SIKU in Bahasa Indonesia has multiple meanings: elbow; angle; corner. It is a simple name that describes the location of the establishment, a street corner amidst a quiet residential area.

Siku spans two floors, whereas the first floor will be occupied by a café serving good coffee, comfort food, healthy smoothie bowls, and no alcohol to emphasize its family friendliness. Meanwhile, the second floor houses exercise studios offering a range of classes from Zumba, Pound Fit, Belly Dance, to Pilates Yoga. The second floor of SIKU also houses Eye Level learning classes for children, promoting critical thinking through Math, Reading, Writing and Mandarin

Being the proud founders of SIKU, They had expected that SIKU will be the place they’ve been dreaming of. It is where mothers can take a break in between shuttling children to and from school, turning waiting time into productive times with doing works at the café or exercising. SIKU makes a great after school destination too, for children in need of Math, Reading,Writing and Mandarin classes. Our studios are also available for rent, i.e for school play rehearsals, bridal shower, baby shower, etc. Once again, mothers are guaranteed to have good me times in SIKU while waiting for their children in studios or classes.

Furthermore, SIKU offers weekly and school holiday activities. Think a movie night under the stars, that will look perfectly on point at the quaint garden adjoining the SIKU café. The possibilities are pretty limitless, from yoga for mother and kids, cooking classes, art and craft, story telling, and many more

SIKU Dharmawangsa

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